Web development & design • Concept art • Illustration


My name is Razvan Negrea. I'm a creative frontend developer, concept artist and illustrator, which is fancy talk for just saying that I enjoy making things, moving things especially.


Take a look at some of my projects

Illustration of a plastic cup with a straw in it next to some text.

Up n' running

Simple boilerplate initially created as an alternative for its slightly older cousin, Grunt.

Two warriors armed with futuristic shields and swords face a 4-legged giant insectoid on an alien world. A swarm can be seen in the background, gathered around a human ship.

Forever Darkness

Commissioned by Darcy Campbell as cover for his book 'Forever Darkness'.

UI showing a centred image split in half with various debugging text being displayed.

Colour Me

A simple speech-to-text app that changes background colour by voice.

An album preview showing the track list and the artwork at the top.

Music B[]X

A React + Redux music player app based on Facebook's ever so popular create-react-app tool.

Reel-to-reel tape recorder created in code only


Fun little experiment with CSS keyframe animations.

Half destroyed mecha on an alien moon. It's weilding a smoking gatling gun.


Who doesn't love mechs?

A young man resting on a tree admires a distant waterfall. 30 meters above, there is a small, rustic house on the cliffside.

Welcome to my world

Started as an exploration of vertical momentum, ended up planning my first house on the side of a mountain.

Rusted hot rod sitting in front of a sunset and a palm tree.


The dream rat rod.

Simple smartphone design with a power button on the right side and volume on the left.

Phone concept

Prototyped using HTML, CSS and JavaScript only.

A vectorized bull's head its within a Latin-decorated circle. The words 'Granada Capital Group' are written underneath.

Granada Capital Group

Personal project for a fictive bank with the purpose of inspiring strength and security to Latin-based customers.

Logo spells Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience.


New website design commissioned by Dr. Michel Pimbert for the Centre for Agroecology, Water & Resilience.

Painting of a broken Orc shield. On its front, an eerie skull protrudes through the metal, grinning.

Orc shield

Orcs are not necessarily known for their crafting skills... or for any amount of logic.

Character shapes and a fully-fledged rendering of an Amazonian warrior.


A study of body language, shape and contrast.

Green humanoid strapped in a shiny, scaled armour. Wields futuristic beam weapon.

Othor warrior

Commissioned by Isaac Bell for the Artifex Publishing House, Othor warriors are massive, well built humanoid amphibians that you'd best avoid calling 'Shrek'.

Frog humanoid holding spear in hand. The spear emits light from its top, almost as if it's fire.

The Tulh

Commissioned by Isaac Bell for the Artifex Publishing House, the Tulh warrior is, at its core, a frog, spear-wielding humanoid.

Humanoid cybord wielding a futuristic energy weapon. Has a red light sensor in place of eyes and multiple antennas can be seen on its back.

Corporate Ghost Recon

Many hours of painting later... * gasp * I want one!

Grim Reaper and his trusty scythe, a true classic.

Grim Reaper

What do we say to the God of death?

Futuristic city floating above a canyon. Waterfalls can be seen flowing from huge pipes underneath the city. An old man watches silently from afar.

The Floating City

The elders have seen many wondrous things during their lifetimes, but an entire city that floats?

The desert warrior has fiery eyes and pulls a knife towards his chest. He's ready to defend himself from whatever he may face.

Nomad warrior

Born out of an almost unhealthy obsession with deserts and warriors, the Nomad is a skilled assassin or a hero, depending on the side you stand on.

Plasma rifle. There are lights indicating the bullets left in the magazine, as well as heat sinks to allow for better cooling of the weapon

TH-50 Spectre Sniper Rifle

Can't go wrong with this one.

The samurai is channeling energy into his left palm.

Samurai I

Influenced by Kekai Kotaki, the first speed painting in a series of grimy, slightly abstract character concepts.

Surrounded by his minions, an Orc chieftain sacrifices a heart in a bloody explosion.

Red Fury

Breaking hearts has never been so much fun!

Curved bladed weapon with a round Ruby encrusted into its handle.


Elegance with a sharp edge.

Female pirate dressed in a corset and puffed shirt. Has gun strapped to her chest.

Steampunk pirate

One of my few attempts at proper lineart.

A rocky golem meets his old human friend in a garden of many luminous and colourful plants.

Hello there, old friend

In a mystical garden, two old souls meet again.

The toucan sits on a branch looking above.

Toucan study

Referenced from the cover of 'The Life of Birds' by David Attenborough.